About us

Rafiki Power improves hundreds of lives by providing clean and affordable energy to people and businesses without access to the national grid. To date, we have successfully installed and operate 8 mini grid solutions (solar PV & battery) in Tanzania.

Founded in
Owned by
Active Grids


We offer clean and reliable energy as well as value-added services (e.g. consumer goods and productive-use equipment) in order to increase the standard of living and foster economic activity. Through our efficient design process and standardized technology, we are able to provide "customized" solutions at competitive prices.

Solutions subsection / no titel

Our solution is based on extensive data analysis and decades of energy experience. After many site visits and dozens of customer talks we decided to develop a practical and efficient containerized solution.


System Design

We leverage our engineering expertise to design customized, technologically advanced systems.



As an experienced energy company, we know how to deliver smooth and timely installations.



Our operational strategy is 100% dedicated to improve our customers' lives. All day. Every day.

Site locations

Our primary focus lies on East Africa. We have already installed 8 assets in Tanzania and are growing rapidly.


Ololosokwan (Tanzania)

Our 3rd project was successfully installed in Ololosokwan, Tanzania at the end of 2015.

Chang'ombe (Tanzania)

Our latest project in Chang'ombe, Tanzania was successfully installed in April 2017.

Customer experiences

We offer a 24/7 customer service hotline and local technical support to keep our customers happy.

William Ndineya

“I’m very happy to have reliable energy access whenever I need to use it. I did not have it before.”

John Masawe

“With reliable energy I can charge my phone at home and can be connected with my friends all the time.”

Rose Daniel

“With the energy provided from Rafiki Power I can use a freezer and store food for a longer period.”


Rafiki Power Company Video

We are happy to share our first Rafiki Power company video!!! More will follow in the future!

We use drones to support site analysis

Container arrives at site

Kiosks are operated by local community members

High Safety standards are enforced in close collaboration with our suppliers

all customer service (payment and management) is done via mobile phones

Customer education and training is essential for long term success

Locals support the excavation efforts to lay down the power lines

Our assets do provide a central point at night due to free lighting of the surrounding area

Our customers are connected by a distribution box with a free light and standard plug. In house wiring is done by local electricians.

Our installations have a covered space with benches. This space is lighted at night and can be used by the community.


Our team is based in Düsseldorf, Germany and Arusha, Tanzania. We are more than 20 energy enthusiasts from 7 different nations. We speak 11 different languages among them English, Swahili, Chinese and German. Let us introduce some team members to you.


Daniel Becker

Managing Director

“Solving the energy access challenge is a dream worth pursuing – not only as a valid cause but as a financially feasible one.”


Sebastian Rieger

Finance Director

“Mini grids are a great economic and environmentally friendly solution for people who don't have access to electricity.”


Dr. Svet Bajlekov


“I’m excited to play a part in building the energy infrastructure of the future: clean, intelligent, and reliable.”


Frankie Eckersley-Carr

Project Development Engineer

“The energy sector is moving towards decentralized power supply. It is exciting to be working with technologies that we will continue to see more and more of.”


Chen Chiang

Data & Communications

“I believe in the idea of investing more in the African off-grid market to improve the quality of life there.”


Eugene Masinde

Customer Service

"Being part of bringing development in rural areas of Africa has been my great achievement."


Diane Schwojer

Team Assistant Germany

"It’s a pleasure for me to be part of such a great team and work on a project which improves the lives of the people in Africa."


Joanis Holzigel

Operations Manager

“If we manage to leapfrog the conventional grid here, why not in the rest of the world?”


Michael Corbishley


"It’s exciting to help bring a new clean energy idea to market in Tanzania, there are many challenges but also many benefits."


Lennart Panknin

Business Development

“Transforming technological progress into a successful business with positive impact on the lives of others – that’s true sustainability.”


Zuena Hassan


‘‘Making sure our accounts are managed with German efficiency & accuracy, also in Tanzania.“


James Burke

Data & Communications

“I'm excited to be part of a company focused on the good of the environment and improving the lives of rural communities.”


Maarten Fonteijn

Business Development

"Rafiki Power combines power and passion to electrify off-grid communities in a sustainable way – it’s great to be part of this!"


Anshul Katyal


"Providing clean energy is the first step stone for moving towards a sustainable society."


Anitha Mugassa

Office Management

"I work and strive to improve the livelihood of as many people as I can. That has always been and will always be the passion that drives me."


Phuong Tran


"I’m happy to contribute my skills to this amazing renewable energy project which leads to a sustainable change for hundreds of lives."


Eric Mgonda

Technical Operations

“Being part of making a better future for the people in rural areas is a dream worth pursuing. Ensuring no power cut - that's my major concern.”

Join our team

Bachelor / Master Thesis

Rafiki Power strives to support the research into off-grid system design and rural electrification. We do support Bachelor and Master Thesis students and have supported several so far. If you have an innovative idea and want to write your thesis in the context of rural electrification please do not hesitate to contact us.

Intern - Asset Operation / Engineering

We are looking for an intern in asset operation / engineering who will be working closely with the Asset Operation Engineer to improve remote monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities for a successful operation of our Solar Mini-Grids.

Intern - Strategy & Business Development

We are looking for a target driven and dynamic candidate with the analytical mind to drive the business forward and the creativity to develop new services for our customers.

Working Student Engineering (GER)

We are currently looking for a working student who will primarily work in the field of Asset Operations and Data Analysis.


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E.ON Off Grid Solutions GmbH
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