About us

Rafiki Power is a mini-grid company which provides access to clean and affordable energy and value-added-services (VAS) to people and businesses without access to the national grid. To date, we have successfully installed and are operating 8 mini-grids (solar PV & battery) in Tanzania, connecting more than 950 households and businesses. We manage everything with our Asset Monitoring and Management Platform (AMMP) utilizing technologies such as smart metering, remote asset monitoring, and customer management systems for operational excellence.

Founded in year
Active mini-grids
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We have employed a selective approach to the mini-grid value chain to leverage our core competencies in project design, development, and technology – and to create a lean and nimble organization. This not only provides the benefit of flexible and quickly adaptable operation, but also ensures the ability to rapidly scale the business model – within a country as well as across national boundaries.


Project Development

We leverage our engineering expertise to design customized, technologically advanced systems.


Project Implementation

As an experienced energy company, we know how to deliver smooth and timely installations.


Operations and Customer Management

Our operational strategy is 100% dedicated to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that our customers are satisfied.

Site locations

Our primary focus lies on East Africa. We have already installed 8 assets in Tanzania and are growing rapidly.


Chang'ombe (Tanzania)

Our latest project in Chang'ombe, Tanzania was successfully installed in April 2017.

Ololosokwan (Tanzania)

Our 3rd project was successfully installed in Ololosokwan, Tanzania at the end of 2015.

Asset Monitoring and Management Platform (AMMP)

At Rafiki Power, we’ve spent the past 4 years developing and operating mini-grids for rural electrification. In order to bring sustainable energy to our customers and enable them to make the best possible use of it, we’ve had to innovate relentlessly, bringing together a number of distinct technological components under one operational roof. The result of this development and integration effort is AMMP – our Asset Monitoring and Management Platform. Now, based on an ethos of shared progress and a desire to do our part to advance the mini-grid ecosystem, we are making AMMP available to other mini-grid developers and operators.

Customer experiences

We offer a 24/7 customer service hotline and local technical support to keep our customers happy.

William Ndineya

“I’m very happy to have reliable energy access whenever I need to use it. I did not have it before.”

John Masawe

“With reliable energy I can charge my phone at home and can be connected with my friends all the time.”

Rose Daniel

“With the energy provided from Rafiki Power I can use a freezer and store food for a longer period.”


We use drones to support site analysis

Container arrives at site

Kiosks are operated by local community members

High Safety standards are enforced in close collaboration with our suppliers

all customer service (payment and management) is done via mobile phones

Customer education and training is essential for long term success

Locals support the excavation efforts to lay down the power lines

Our assets do provide a central point at night due to free lighting of the surrounding area

Our customers are connected by a distribution box with a free light and standard plug. In house wiring is done by local electricians.

Our installations have a covered space with benches. This space is lighted at night and can be used by the community.

Rafiki Power Company Video

We are happy to share our first Rafiki Power company video!!! More will follow in the future!


Project Manager Sierra Leone - Click here to find out more!


Our team is based in Düsseldorf, Germany and Arusha, Tanzania.


Team in Germany


Team in Tanzania


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